The Bigger Picture

By: No One

One of the real problems with *domestic discipline* websites is their failure to explain the whole picture. Few understood the big picture; most are uncomfortable permitting its full-blown discussion. Although I have mentioned it a few times, no one seems willing to expand on the most politically incorrect theme.

One problem may be that even women in favor of *domestic discipline* relationships may be uncomfortable with the obvious similarities that exist between taking their teenaged daughter to her bedroom for a paddling due her and then adjourning to the master bedroom for an equally well-deserved paddling from their husbands.

Still, correctly done, spanking can be just as effective on a four-year-old as it can be on her fourteen-year-old sister or on their forty-four-year-old mother. Because of a fear of feminist backlash, websites fail to point out that the above can - and sometimes should - occur within the same household! As one woman pointed out, her husband's belt at age thirty-three hurt just as much as mother's hairbrush at thirteen. That, in turn, had hurt just as much as her mother's hand when she was three!

I have run across *domestic discipline* websites that would not permit discussions about the spanking of a nineteen-year-old bride. Now, if the bride was twenty-one, it was okay. Likewise, there are websites that discuss spanking children - including an eighteen-year-old paddled for breaking curfew - but not if she was paddled because she was married and went out without telling her husband where she was going.

**Editor's note: In most civilised countries, the widely accepted "age of adulthood" is 18 years old, though of course, many 18 year-olds are still living "on the dole" at their parental home.

The old Spank With Love site touched on this briefly before the webmaster abandoned it. One woman wrote in the Readers' section that after she came home too late from a date with her future husband at age nineteen, her parents were waiting. The result was a very embarrassing bare-bottom spanking administered by her father that was aided and abetted by her mother. Since then, the young woman added, she had been spanked a few times by her husband and wanted to know how common it was for young brides to be spanked by their husbands.

As I have pointed out in various forum discussions, I took a belt to my then future wife when she was a teenager. It had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with disciplining her. She later admitted that, not too long before I spanked her the first time, her father had threatened to spank her bare buttocks - but had relented perhaps because her mother was objected. Even though her parents knew she was getting blistered - well before we became engaged - they did not come to their daughter's rescue! Apparently everyone, including her mother, an normally outspoken critic of spanking - knew my future wife needed to be put over someone's lap. Of course, this occurred back when spanking a college age young woman was not nearly as controversial as it would become a few decades later!

On a related topic, so far as I can tell, the real reason for banishing the paddle from public school classrooms had more to do with trying to put the *domestic discipline* genie back in the bottle than it did with protecting children from educators. Schools were the designated *flag ship* of a no-spank movement that obscured the fact that girls could be quite successfully spanked after puberty. The idea being, that if spanking was eliminated, boys would never know big girls could be spanked and this would carry over into adult life.

Thus, no woman would ever again be spanked by a boyfriend, husband, or boss.

Several years ago, during a discussion on the prevalence of spanking, a woman said that she had been spanked by her boss. The two discussed the options. She chose to stay after work and go over her boss's lap. She said that, for her, it was not a big deal since her husband would have spanked her a whole lot harder for the same offense. She said the odd thing about it was that she did not feel as if she had been violated. The woman added that she almost had to laugh when, sometime later, her daughter tried to tell her that she was *too old* for the spanking that her father had promised to give her. All she told her daughter was that she was not anywhere close to being too old!

Society, including homes and churches, were supposed to fall in line with the new agenda being pushed in schools. When these institutions did not follow, public schools were left out on a limb - which they seem to be cutting off! Meanwhile, because men have lost their positions of traditional authority in society, children are running amuck and the institution of marriage is mocked.

In the end, it may take the collapse of society before men and women rediscover that their ancestors knew much about raising children and holding marriages together.