One Size May Not Fit All

By: No One

While one size may not fit all, all sizes may be made of the same fabric.

The preceding statement is as true of spanking as it is of clothing. Another analogy to spanking relates to the common kitchen stove - where the same heating element can serve a variety of purposes. For example, depending on where the control knob is set, it can boil water or simmer soup. Although the basics may look the same, all spanking was not created equal. Hence, the following discussion is intended to shed some light on the topic.

It is not that any of the following categories should be considered as set in ideological concrete or etched into sacrosanct stone. Rather they should serve as guides to understanding. In practice, the attitude of the participants has as much to do with the categorization as anything else.

The most superficial spanking may be a mere playful slap on the seat of a dress or pants. It may extend into those activities that used to be called a *birthday spankings*. Although lost with the passage of time, *birthday spankings* are simply the surviving remnants of ancient fertility rituals. When carried a little further - especially when accompanied by the removal of clothing - they can become quite erotic. Then again, that was their intended purpose!

Erotic spankings usually administered by the hand to the bared buttocks. Voluntary nudity and enthusiastic submission are not uncommon. These episodes are more about play than about pain, although depending on the desire of the participants, there may be quite a bit of play *and* pain. Still, in the scheme of things, they serve a useful purpose because vaginal lubrication signals the first stage of female submission to male prerogatives. That is why it is often the gateway to discovering the virtues of *domestic discipline*.

With an increase in intensity and duration, spanking moves into the *proper* range. At this level, tears are common and, depending on the degree of pent-up emotion or frustration, real crying is likewise possible. Typically, *proper* spankings sting during the application, but the sensation quickly fades after the administration stops. It is probably the most familiar type. These are the common and sometimes embarrassing panties-down, over-the-knee, red-bottom and red-faced spankings of folklore.

*Proper* spankings are valuable because, especially early in the marriage, the woman begins incorporating the *lesson* as a guide to her future behavior. That is why they are often considered to be useful for *maintenance spankings*. At the same time, effect of a *proper* spankings is often limited to the potential for embarrassment. Thus, *bare bottom corner time* sometimes follows the administration.

Beyond the *proper* range, are more serious spankings. Sometimes these are called *warnings* because they almost always will involve the use of an implement. In addition to tears and crying, these are virtually guaranteed to produce involuntary verbalizations because they really *hurt* more than they are embarrassing. Visually, they may be distinguished by intense redness, and a *hot orange peel feel* to the offended area which is generally associated with being *really spanked* . Following an initial administration, it is not uncommon for a woman to *examine herself* in a mirror in order to triangulate *how it looks back there* with how her brain feels, and how it felt *getting it*.

When carried further, the result is punishment. These are the *don't you ever do that again* spankings! They usually leave lingering *marks* on the buttocks as well as *talk* to the mind in a way that few things are able to do with equal vigor. Rarely used in most marriages, they are also known as *the licking of my life*, *an old-fashioned whipping*, or similar vivid descriptions. They are - and are intended to be - highly memorable.

At the extremis, there is abuse. Although it may have the outward appearance of other spankings of similar intensity to punishment, there is one important difference in that they are all about inflicting pain. They are power trips and have no place in *domestic discipline*.

As noted above, while there are no fixed boundaries between the above divisions, they serve as a reminder that, despite politically correct propaganda, there are *shades of gray* between erotic spanking and abuse. Not all spankings are created equal. Nor, should they be in the complexities of human interaction. At the same time, one person's serious spanking can be another's punishment - or, vice versa.

Still, most women actually prefer to be spanked harder than men often realize. It is not the spanking they crave so much as the release they experience. That said, the above categories can serve as a useful guide.