My First Time

Another article from our forum

Well I finally got my first Spanking! Thanks to a suggestion and my loving HOH's permission it was a 'test' spank.

I think he probably smacked my bottom about 10 times (bare bottom, OTK, with his hand).


Now I have a renewed confidence in our decision to live a CDD lifestyle.

Ok, I know what you're thinking...... It's pretty easy to accept the spanks when you get to control them. Yep, it sure is!

Hubby also informed me that we are going to be working on a habit I have that he can't stand. He is giving me enough leeway so I am not really stressed about it, and since our 'test' spank, I know what I'm in for if I fail. That alone gives me a strong desire to please him.

So here's the question.....

He feels like I could have handled a lot more then I did, so for future punishments he says he will do worse. As the spanks landed I truly felt like I could take no more, but within seconds I felt we could continue. I think my bottom just needed a few seconds to recover before moving on. Is this why some HOHs make the punishment drawn out? So the bottom has a few seconds to recover while the HOH is lecturing?

He also informed me that if he had to give me a punishment spank for the offense, it would be followed by weeks of reminder spanks. I noticed myself falling back into that fear again (of "is this right for us" or more so "is this right for my bottom"). Then I remembered that reminder spanks wouldn't be anything like punishment ones.

I can tell you that I have never respected, appreciated, or loved him more then I do in this moment. In return I feel so much love from him. This is why CDD works! This is why God lead us down this path, and this is why I know my marriage will only lead to good things.

For all you newbies...I have found that ALL of us are really scared and somewhat doubtful of this lifestyle, even if it is our idea. THIS IS NORMAL!! If you look back on some of the original posts on this site alone you will see it's true. You will also see that after the first spank, most couples are still on board and loving it!! So those of you who haven't received spank #1 try not to fear the unknown so much. If this wasn't right for you then you wouldn't still be here.

And for all you HOHs out there who haven't spanked yet, or have but are still new at it. Don't worry so much. My DH took control and told me what to expect if I mess up again. He was very serious, straightforward, and confident. Even if he had no clue about what he was doing he sure did not let me know it. That is why I feel so good about this. Had he wavered or showed insecurity I may have kept pushing to find the limit. This way I didn't have to. He told me exactly where the limit was, and so I am at peace with it. Though I must admit it's a little scary how quickly he picked it up. It went straight from a 'test' spank to "this is what will happen if". He's fast. I, for one, sure am grateful for that.

What I am trying to say is MEN...If you lead she WILL follow, and she will be content in doing so.

Well, that's my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.