Men's Frequently Asked Questions

By: Sir Don

1. Why does my wife want to be spanked?

Because she needs to feel that you are in charge and because she has been acting in less than a way a proper wife should.

2. Do I have to spank her to tears?

Yes, by spanking her to tears you are allowing her to fully submit and be humbled for her actions.

3. Isn't spanking just for kinky play?

No, it is a great form of behavior modification and attitude adjustment.

4. Does it need to be on the bare bottom?

Yes, by having her bottom spanked bare will increase the effectiveness of the spanking and help to teach her.

5. What if it doesn't work, and her behavior continues?

Some problems require more than one discipline. You will need to spank her again.

6. What instrument should I use?

The best by far is always the hand, it is safer then [sic] other things, and besides you always have it with you.

7. What if I am mad, could I hurt her?

If angry at the time, put her in the corner and take that time to cool down. Once you have gotten control of your anger, then spank her.

8. Can't I just listen to her instead?

No, she has all the girlfriends she needs to listen to her. She needs you to be strong and correct her behavior.

9. I have never spanked her before not even for play. Will it hurt her?

If a wife has her bottom bared and is spanked, yes it will hurt. That is the purpose of it, and helps to better her behavior.

10. Is this something new?

No, couples for generations have been using spankings in a loving way. Just watch any old movies or t.v. shows.

11. Will I have to always monitor her behavior?

No, after a little while she will become contrite and submit to you as her HOH, have her keep a journal so when needed it can be reviewed.

12. Will that mean she is my slave?

No, not at all, this is about loving, taking the time to correct her out of love. You do not own her, she has a mind, but she respects you and will willingly submit.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally posted on another site. The author shared it with us.