Men Made 'em Do It

... and other feminist fantasies

No One explores the results of militant feminism

A recurrent theme among feminist is that *men made women rebel*. Largely ignored is that men in legislatures first actually gave women the vote and then to granted them equal rights in other areas of life. Equality was supposed to improve the world. Not surprisingly, *women's liberation* failed to live up to its promises.

Instead of making things better, feminists remained mired in nineteenth century rhetoric that compared marriage to slavery and spanking to flogging slaves. Feminist dogma was so rigid that the leadership was either so stubborn or too stupid to realize when their antics began to undermine the very system that *liberated* American woman.

Even before the ink was dry on the right to vote amendment, feminists confused equality in the ballot box with *repealing the laws of biology*. Many women thought that if they were allowed to behave like men, they would become like men. That was not the case.

Despite human invention to the contrary, Genesis 3:16 is as true to day as when it was written.

Inevitably in discussions of *domestic discipline*, there is an attempt to avoid spanking. There simply must be some way to get around the physical submission of a woman to her husband. Radicals tried to outlaw it. Sophisticates claimed it was not necessary.

Divorce - usually initiated by women - was seen as preferable to discipline. With the invention of *no-fault* divorce, dissolution of marriage became even easier. For decades, one of the running jokes in the United States was that ... "the only thing necessary for divorce, was marriage"!

As the family lost its sanctity and obedience became optional, the society began to crumble. It started slowly - almost imperceptibly - at first.

No one took note because, for a variety of reasons, American marriages have always been a little less stable than their European cousins. Then, the great unwinding began as domestic life spiraled out of control.

The predatory youth gangs that prowl the streets today and have infested the military are merely a symptom of familial dissolution and dysfunction.

Secular observers have formally recognized the linkage between faulty families and fractured families for over one hundred years. It has been ignored, because to acknowledge the root of the problem would require politically incorrect solutions.

Although often criticized for their old-fashioned ways, crime among the Amish (a splinter sect of Mennonites still adhering to many original Anabaptist beliefs) is rare. At the time of this writing, only one believer has been convicted of murder and, by all accounts, he was mentally ill. While the United States will never adopt many Amish customs - such as speaking German or eschewing technological innovation - there are lessons to be learned from the brethren's hard work, honesty, and home life.

Among the Amish, monogamy is cherished. They do not divorce. Even separation is all but nonexistent. Families are highly patriarchal.

When the fad and fashion of modernism has faded into history, the Amish lifestyle will still be around. Like the Bible - which the Amish take literally - it is founded on enduring truths.

Beyond endless arguments over doctrine, the real question is whether the Amish have a more stable and enduring lifestyle than that which feminism foisted on the American public in the name of politically correct gender equality. Like it or not, the answer is "Yes."

Moreover, a day of reckoning is on the horizon. When it happens, feminism in the United States will all but disappear.

Already, Russia - which only a few decades ago was home of the formerly *liberated* Soviet woman and supposed exemplar of feminist ideals - has established an organization (Nashi) promoting mass marriage and procreation in the fallen nation where birth rates have plummeted. "Motherhood for the Motherland" may well be the new motto for today's patriotic young Russian woman!

Despite feminist claims that the Soviet era did much for women, the actual heritage includes a rotten and incompetent education system that fit most Russians for menial, dead-end jobs. Not surprisingly, much the same thing is happening to American youth forced into mindless conformity by a feminist-dominated public education monopoly.

With its misandric lesbianism and Marxist agitation, feminism will prove itself to be a curse upon women. Already, large numbers of American women - disillusioned by hollow promises of feminist ideologues - are repudiating feminism's antiquated dogma and adopting a healthier attitude toward men and marriage.

In an ironic twist, feminism - which once thought it had sown the seeds of perpetual *liberation* for women - is now viewed as an oppressor. An entrenched and rapidly aging feminist establishment finds itself increasingly rejected by women as much as by men. Only, this time around, it is feminism - rather than patriarchy - that is seen as the problem!