Maintenance Discipline

By: Sir Don

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author originally posted this on another site, but shared it with us.

Maintenance discipline is a practice of giving your wife regular spankings to maintain her proper behavior and attitude. From our experience when Kim receives this type of discipline she is more humble and her attitude is greatly improved.

Whether you as an HOH decide to conduct these on monthly, weekly or daily schedules is up to you. I have found that daily spanking work best for Kim.

Maintenance spankings help to remind her to be on her best behavior and to help keep her attitude in the proper manner, letting her know that she is required to maintain her behavior and not slip into being careless and disrespectful to her HOH.

When a woman has not been punished for some time, the memory of the painful spanking she received due to her bad behavior will start to fade and the wife's attitude may change for the worse. With a regular maintenance spanking she is reminded of just how painful a punishment spanking is and that she is required at all times to act accordingly.

Another reason for the maintenance spankings is to re-establish the emotional and intimate connection of the wife and the HOH, bringing out the Masculine energy from the HOH and the feminine energy from his wife. All women crave this energy. This energy is what couples feel when they were still all flowers and sunsets.

A maintenance spanking will also give your wife the much needed stress relief that has built up since her last punishment spanking, allowing her tears to flow hence relieving her stress.

Along with the stress release, a maintenance spanking will also benefit your wife by showing her you are committed to the LDD relationship.

Some men will not discipline their wives due to fatigue, busy schedules, or fear of really taking control; with a regular maintenance spanking you can overcome this obstacle.

Regular maintenance spankings also provide to your wife that you care enough for her, that she is worth the trouble of regular scheduling spankings, and remind her that you as her HOH will enforce punishments when they warrant for her behavior and attitude. By spanking her on a regular basis will also serve as constant reminder of the love and commitment you have for her, allowing her to fully appreciate that you are the HOH and are in charge.

Remember that just as with a punishment spanking a maintenance spanking should be done long and hard enough to produce tears, allowing her to cry freely and release any stress she has built up, feeling the energy of your masculinity, and the love you both share for each other.

Most men tend to only spank for punishment, when I did this with Kim I found her behavior and attitude to be worse; after some discussion and the implement of maintenance spankings Kim's behavior changed for the better.