Rightful Place

There is a reason "C" is first in CDD

When a couple first begins to live a Christian Domestic Discipline life, there is so much to learn. For most couples, it is a whole new world...

They experience so many positive changes in their lives, it can be amazing. They have new ideas, and thoughts running through their minds. They experience such intense feelings of love, fidelity, and passion in their hearts, they are likely to feel as if they are newlyweds again. In fact, many couples report that other people notice the positive changes and often ask why they are so much in love and so happy.

Consequently, for a time, they tend to live and breathe CDD. They can't read, study, or talk enough about it. This is normal and only to be expected for so great a change in their lives.

But, at some point, the great excitement will inevitably die down. This is desirable, for if it didn't die down, if it remained an obsession, the couple would be in danger of making CDD an idol. As Christians, we all know that is unacceptable.

We are to delight ourselves in the Lord. God gives us our spouses and our other relationships to bring us joy, but He is to be first and foremost in our hearts and minds.

If CDD is in any place other than its rightful place, that is, as a tool to use to strengthen our marriages, it is not beneficial to anyone.