Right for you?

Use caution

Is Christian Domestic Discipline Right for Your Marriage?

You are the only person qualified to answer that question, mate.

Before any couple begins a Christian Domestic Discipline relationship, the first thing they should do is pray and earnestly seek God for what is right in their marriage. What works well in one marriage might not be a good fit in another. Seek His face, search for His guidance for your situation.

The most successful CDD marriages are those in which both husband and wife are seriously committed to following God. Additionally, they must be mature enough in their Christian walk to know how to do so. A husband, especially, should approach the concept of a CDD marriage with caution if he is not willing to submit his will to God's. No man should expect a wife to blindly follow unless she has faith that he is following God to the best of his ability. A wife should never consent to a CDD marriage if she is not truly willing to live under the authority of God and her husband.

A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage should be approached with extreme caution if the husband:

  • is a non-Christian or is not committed to following Christ
  • has an alcohol, drug, or other destructive addiction
  • has an uncontrolled or explosive temper
  • has a history of physical abuse

A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage should be approached with extreme caution if the wife:

  • has a history of physical abuse or unreasonable fear of spanking
  • has a psychological illness
  • has a physical condition that precludes physical discipline

**The preceding information is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition, medical or otherwise. It is not meant to be all-inclusive, and is only intended as a general idea of some conditions under which the practise of CDD might not be expedient for certain readers. While no one can guarantee results, the practise of CDD has proven helpful to others. It is our hope that you will find the information presented here to be interesting and educational. Use safe, sane practices. Reader responsible for choices and results. This information is intended only as educational entertainment and no recommendations are made for its implementation.