Commanding Tone

By: Sir Don

Most new Head of Households (HOH), have a tendency to only spank. They may say that you as the wife, "have been naughty and deserve to be spanked".

The spanking is only half of what a good HOH will do. Using his commanding voice, not a louder voice, but one that demands respect, will help with the submission of his wife.

The use of commanding voice allows for the HOH to set the tone of the punishment. He may command his wife to get across his lap, for example. This is done by the way he speaks.

The HOH must use a voice that commands respect and prompt action, and submission of his wife. If used properly the submissive wife knows right away to obey the orders given and not to hesitate.

We are not talking here about scolding, but about the way the voice sounds. Like an good Marine Sargeant, or a police officer. The tone in which an order is given commands the wife to obey. This is essential to getting her to comply with her HOH.

A voice that comes across as asking the wife to obey... " are you going over my lap?", gets the results of her dismissing the HOH. When the voice is commanding in tone... "You are going over my lap, NOW!", the wife understands the order and does not dismiss her HOH, but rather will be more inclined to obey.

The commanding voice is one used to show absolute authority, and respect. The HOH uses this to instill in his wife that HE is in charge. Most men do this automatically without thinking. They lower the octave of their voice, and speak clearer, and with more force. When done in an LDD relationship the wife will submit to her HOH's commands more readily. She knows that he is about to take action to correct her behavior.

The command voice does not need to be a shout or yell, a but a lower voice that shows determination, and authority. By just shouting, a voice can at times bring about just the opposite purpose. It can sound combative, forcing the wife to try to fight or argue. A voice that commands shows that no argument or fight will be accepted, and that the HOH is not asking, but commanding the wife to submit.

The use of the commanding tones is one best reserved for punishment, otherwise the wife will feel like she is always being ordered around. This voice is another communication skill, one needed for an HOH and his submissive wife to understand the rules, guidelines, and that the HOH is in charge and the wife submissive.