The Coming Rebirth

By: No One

For what it is worth, the comparison to the four-year-old's spanking actually came from a woman who reflected on her experience as a teenager and in marriage, comparing it to her experiences at three (her mother's hand), thirteen (her mother's hairbrush), and thirty-three (her husband's fraternity paddle). Although I will have to look up the exact quote, she said they all felt like her mother's hand when she was three! All *hurt* enough to make her cry like a spanked three-year-old.

The biggest proponents of *wife spanking* are wives. They will teach men more over time about how to handle a woman than will men. Through both her words and her deeds, my wife has taught me most of what I know.

If you have read much of what I have written, you know that I have said for over a decade that God was going to judge the United States in ways that few people would have believed only a few years earlier. As a result, I predicted - and still predict as the economy continues to falter - increasing numbers of *liberated* women are going to be forced into more traditional roles as the need for their surplus cheap labor declines.

As the illusion of gender equality fades, *wife spanking* will remerge. More than likely, it will never be officially sanctioned. In fact, the old *domestic violence* laws may still be on the books.

Instead, most probably, there will be no enforcement mechanism. In other words, there will be no funds to lock up men merely for spanking their wives, or *fiancees* living in de facto marriages.

Already states such as California - once famous for both its *three strikes* law and liberated *California girl* - are releasing inmates early. Even funding for feminist-dominated public education is being cut. Feminist-run departments of social services, family services, and other child welfare rackets will not be far behind as the budget ax falls.

Unable to fund foster care on a whim if the man is removed from the home, and the mother is unable to live above the poverty level without government support, governments will do as they did half a century ago - consider *wife spanking* that draws no blood, breaks no bones, nor leaves any scars to be a *family matter*.

It is also reasonable to predict that the infamous *double standard* will return for similar reasons. Governments will no longer be able to fund the consequences of promiscuous teenage sex that produces three-quarters of a million illegitimate births every year. That averages out to one child born to an unwed teenage mother about every ninety seconds!

In many ways, the old *double standard* is still with us. Unwed teenage mothers - and their mothers - are still left to look after children born out of wedlock to young women without any visible means of self-support.

The social costs of children raised in single parent families - usually *headed* by women - are enormous. Poverty, substance abuse, school dropouts, child abuse, and yet another generation of illegitimate births and failed marriages are but a few of the well-documented consequences.

Whether liberals like it or not, paddling is effective in traditional families. When mothers behave themselves, so do their daughters! Liberal educators call this *modeling* - setting an example.

Daughters live up - or down - to expectations. When a daughter's role model is a mother behaving like a poorly disciplined teenager, the results are quite predictable.

Abstinence education without meaningful sanctions becomes a worthless con game in which mothers and daughters wink at sin. Despite good intentions, talking the talk without walking the walk paves the road to hell.

Although the world was far from perfect, half a century ago, couples stayed together and most women did not have sex until they were ready for marriage. By some estimates, currently at least two out of every three girls has sex before marriage. If they start young enough, they may have a dozen sexual partners in their lifetime!

This behavior does not start with teenagers. Although aided and abetted by movies and television, wild behavior begins with mothers disrespecting husbands and excusing cheekiness. Misandry not only breeds contempt for men, it also drags women down with it.

Talk to enough women over time and one thing become patiently clear. There comes a time in a woman's life when she realizes that *she* needs a spanking. While some women never realize it until they find themselves in an awkward and embarrassing position, most women admit they *needed it* after it is over.

Make no mistake, however, the return to *traditional marriage* will neither be smooth or instantaneous. There will - as their have always been - pockets of resistance. Marriage - and most certainly marriage with children - is not for everyone.

Still, the old paradigm must be reborn if Western civilization is to survive.