Got Kids?

Privacy Issues for Parental Units

One of the most frequently discussed topics on CDD message boards is methods of maintaining privacy during a spanking whilst children are in the house. This is also a concern for those with boarders, or those who live in a flat with thin walls.

One may consider this similar in nature to the need to prevent sounds of another intimate marital encounter from being detected. To be sure, it is a challenge, and one for which you MUST make adjustments. If possible, one should not permit one's child(ren) to overhear their mother being spanked. First, it may upset them to some degree, whether they understand the reasoning behind it or not (and even if they would agree she needed it! LOL). Secondly, everyone knows how the wee tykes tend to say the worst possible thing at the worst possible time. You don't want to risk your child(ren) telling the wrong person they heard their mother crying and getting spanked. Someone might misunderstand and call the authorities with allegations of misconduct or abuse.

One should analyse one's individual situation for the best solution. A fairly common method of maintaining privacy is to simply reduce noise levels by use of a quiet implement, such as a switch or a loopy johnny, rather than a loud implement, such as one's hand or a paddle. However, this only works if the wife is able to deal quietly with pain. Some couples have reported turning up the volume on the telly or during a radio programme, retiring to the laundry area and running a load of tea-towels, hiding her face in a pillow, or utilising another sort of noise-maker (or muffler) to cover any soft cries of distress. If the wife tends to become even remotely loud though, other methods should be considered.

For instance, the couple might put the children to bed at night, and after making sure all are sleeping soundly, make a trip to the garage or an outbuilding for a spanking session. This works best if the building in question is not chock-a-block. And of course, mind the nosey parker neighbors. Does your mum have the kids over every Saturday morning? Sessions might be scheduled during that time.

It is also wise to lock one's door. If one has been married with children for very long, one has likely experienced the unexpected arrival of a small, wide-eyed night-time visitor nipping by for a bit of water and wondering about all the nocturnal "commotion".

Mummy?! I say, are you exercising with Daddy?

Unexpectedly hearing that whispered in one's ear generally makes the feeling of romance go pear-shaped, eh? The good news is, with just a wee bit of common sense and creativity, it is quite possible to keep the "other intimate" part of your marriage hidden away from little eyes and ears.