Candace on Holiday

An onlooker's input

This was part of an thread on our forum, entitled, "Implements on vacation?" Candace related a story from a recent journey with a friend.

A few weeks back when we were in Indiana, my friend from Florida ended up in Michigan, visiting her very ill mother. We had to drive her back to Florida with us. It was a straight-through trip. Now, she knows about CDD. She used to think that B could use CDD to take advantage of a situation and be overbearing and controlling. Not that he ever has.

I argued with our 17 year old, on and off, during the trip back.

This is what she told me when we got back:

When we had stopped at a welcome center, she observed B at one point taking hold of my wrist gently but firmly and walking me towards the rest area and stopping. She could see he was talking to me firmly but with compassion. She said I had my head down and was not looking around. Blain did not care who was around at that moment; all that seemed to matter was his wife.

My friend told me all she could think of was, "'They have family bathrooms here, take her in one.' If anyone needed a "reminder", or whatever you want to call it, it was you." She said, "If I was him and had the authority to "spank" you, I would have jumped at the chance. If anyone deserved it, you did. But he did not use that tool and he could have and would have but did not." She said at that moment she had so much respect for him. When I got back in the van, everything went fine the rest of the trip. I was respectful and attentive without discipline.

I had no idea. That was her take on the situation. This is a woman that does not like the thought of CDD. So for her to even think "family bathroom", I must have been worse then I thought. It is so different to see yourself through other people's eyes.

Point to all of this is. Yes, bring the stick and be ready for hubby to use it. But, if there is another tool in the box that may fit the situation, use that also. Try to right yourself before things get out of control. After all, vacations are to have fun. And usually you spend money. Like I tell the kids, "I am paying for you to have fun, you better have fun or else we will go back home".