All About Maintenance

By: LK

Maintenance Discipline: Discipline, usually spanking, given at regular intervals for the purpose of maintaining a submissive mindset in a wife, correcting minor faults, and/or reinforcing marital roles.

One of the more misunderstood aspects of Christian Domestic Discipline is the concept of Maintenance Discipline.

First, it needs to be pointed out that Maintenance Discipline is not used, nor should it be used, in all CDD marriages. Some women feel unfairly punished if maintenance is used. Some feel they are not receiving any "grace" from their husbands for simple mistakes, and some stay so uptight about the upcoming maintenance spanking, it is counterproductive rather than helpful.

But in other women, maintenance works very well. Some wives have an extreme need to "feel" their husband's authority on a regular basis, and for some of them, play spanking is not enough. It needs to be something "real". Therefore, maintenance works well for that couple.

Whether from upbringing, temperament, or other reasons, some wives have a difficult time maintaining a submissive mindset toward their husbands. Regular maintenance spankings can go a long way toward keeping her heart softened and willing to surrender to her husband's leadership.

Some couples use maintenance to correct minor faults, or to help her stay on the path set for her, thereby avoiding a much-dreaded, more severe, punishment spanking.

Whatever the reason, maintenance episodes are as varied as the couples who practice them. Depending on the purpose, a maintenance spanking might be severe or it might be mild. A ritual may be involved or it may be spontaneous. Some couples do maintenance daily while others do it weekly or monthly. Maintenance might be off and on, or it might be something the couple does routinely.

Some couple use what is termed a "Maintenance Diary" or a "Maintenance Journal" to record thoughts, feelings, misdeeds... again, this is varied depending on the couple and the purpose of the maintenance.

Whether to use maintenance or not is a decision best left up to the individual couple. Though it is ultimately the decision of the husband, he should be careful to take into consideration his wife's thoughts, actions, and reactions to maintenance discipline.