A Kept Woman

By: K

Disclaimer: I wrote this after a barrage of attacks from outside bloggers who wished to 'rescue' us from our "wretched" lives. I was mad, so that is why that emotion shines thru! However, as I re-read it even today, it's still rings just as true as the day I wrote it.

When asked what she thought about women's liberation, a wise grandmother said:

"Well, I don't want to have to step down from my pedestal to take it!"

You know, I was thinking this morning about all of these hotheaded women feeling sorry for us 'abused Wives' and it occurred to me that they are really missing a lot. On top of them being for the most part self-proclaimed non-Christians, they have NO idea the ways in which a man can really care for them.

I, of course, don't work outside the home, which leaves me free to homeschool the kids. I don't have to worry about bills or even finances in general. I do have a Visa card under his name that I can use when and how I see fit. He drives a lesser car so that my children and I can be safe in a new SUV. He even takes it in to be detailed (cleaned), fueled up, and he makes the appointments at the dealership for service.

I was made by GOD to be my his 'helpmeet', but to be honest, I think he 'helps' me more than I do him. The kids need baths? Late for Church? Someone is sick? His response is always "What can I do to help?". Then when I get sick he holds my hair back. (I know, "TMI" ....sorry)

He ALWAYS asks my opinion, and he actually listens to me, and I mean REALLY LISTENS. He would defend my honor to the death if need be; BUT more importantly than the 'he would die for me' bit is the fact that 'he DOES live for me'.

He watches over my soul so that our Creator will be well pleased with me. He puts our kids second to me, and puts me second only to GOD. While I wouldn't claim that he puts himself last I can tell you that he does place our needs before his own.

Plus he showers me with love. I get lots of flowers, hugs and kisses, and kind words all day! If his boss calls and needs something he will jump to do it, UNLESS I also need him. This is where the rubber meets the road for us. "Yes the job pays well, but what good is money if the family isn't intact to use it?" (his words, not my own)

But again this proves NOTHING of this world is more important to him then me and our children......as it should be. He is my Man, and I am his Lady! Fifty percent divorce rate??? Not here, not us.

So I wish to ask these women, "How is having the ability to cut off his ***** and hand them to him", as you so proudly claim, better then my life???

It's NOT, and I for one, feel sorry for you! You poor non-CDD Wives!