Advantages of CDD

Why live this way?

Question: "I'm so thankful to have a partner who is willing to be the leader of our home, but he just can't see the benefits of spanking me as a form of discipline. How can I make him understand the benefits of spanking?"

Question: "My wife and I enjoy a wonderful relationship, however, she's asked me to be more dominant, and wants to adopt a domestic discipline relationship but, how can I be disciplining her with a spanking when she is the love of my life?"

I've had several questions similar to these, and although I am far from an expert, I have done quite a bit of research over the years; however, what follows is simply my personal opinions, and suggestions. It may help you and it may not, but hopefully it will shed some light on the advantages discipline can bring to a relationship if your partner is seeking it.

First, lets tackle the big question, "How can it be discipline, when a spanking is exactly what she wants? Isn't that letting her be in control?" Fortunately I've had conversations recently with many women who share a common desire for discipline from their husbands. Their thoughts are very similar to mine.

A discipline spanking is very different from a play spanking. Many of these women have never wanted a "play" spanking. What they have always wanted was for their man to be in control, and show his authority when she does something wrong, or that she feels guilty for. The guilt alone is often enough to keep the experience from being an enjoyable one. Personally, I hate when I have disappointed my husband. The knowledge that he is upset with me can be very damaging when added on top of my own guilt. When a spanking is administered, the guilty feelings are purged, my actions are forgiven, and the damage to the relationship is repaired.

The feeling of disappointment from a partner hurts more than the most severe spanking. Also, for a lot of women, guilt leads to sulking, sulking leads to distance, and distance leads to a wedge in the relationship. Of course, given enough time, the situation would most likely correct itself, but for many women the spanking dissolves the problem immediately.

Following are just a few advantages of discipline spankings :

  • The guilty feelings are released during the spanking.
  • Tears during a spanking have a very cathartic effect. I often feel like the experience is extremely cleansing for the soul.
  • Your frustrations with your partner are often expended during the spanking.
  • You and your partner often feel extremely close immediately after the spanking.
  • The point of tears is much easier to achieve during a discipline spanking.
  • You and your partner may find the experience extremely erotic. For me, the feeling stems from the dominant side my husband shows me during discipline. The fact that he loves me enough to help me become a better person is very appealing.
  • If your partner is seeking domestic discipline, she will respect you immensely for being strong enough to take her in hand.

During a discipline spanking:

  • The guilt may bring on tears.
  • She will most likely be very humbled and obedient knowing that the spanking is deserved.
  • Although she needs to feel your dominant correction, the experience will not be an enjoyable one.
  • She needs you to be firm and strong, being lenient on her will cause more emotional damage in the long run.
  • Secretly she respects your ability to take charge of the situation and hold her accountable for her actions.

After a discipline spanking:

  • She needs to feel your gentle reassurance.
  • She needs you to hold her until the tears have subsided.
  • She will most likely feel completely refreshed, and relieved of stress and guilt.
  • She may be sexually excited by your loving but dominant correction.
  • Above all, she needs to know that all is forgiven, and her need for discipline has not diminished your sexual attraction for her in any way.
  • Although she desires your loving discipline, she is still a strong, capable, independent, woman in many other aspects of her life